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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be done 48 hours before the beginning of the course scheduled.


 If a course cancellation takes place 24 to 48 hours before the scheduled class then a partial refund will be given minus an administration fee of $50, GST and the charged processing fee of the transaction  


If a course cancelation is requested within 24 hours of booked course than no refund will be issued.


 As emergencies and serious life events do happen, we will on a case by case basis, and our sole discretion, allow a credit of your course fee to be applied to the same course at a later date. This credit will be valid for 30 days. Any date after 30 days may result in complete loss of the fees paid.  This credit can only be used once.

 If you cancel the rescheduled class then the credit will not be valid and course fees credited will be lost.


If you are 30 minutes or later than the scheduled start time of your course than you will not be allowed entry to the class and all fees forfeited.  If you do get in touch with us (email) about being late and a reason as to why, than K Squared may allow late entry or credit of fees paid to another course within 30 days. 


Weather (ie. snow) will not be considered a reason to not making it on time to a course.  Check the weather and traffic reports and leave yourself ample time to arrive safely.  Winter and snow is a regular part of our weather here so it will not be considered a valid reason for being late to a class.

All fees paid will be placed as a credit on file and not be issued as a refund.  

All correspondence is to be done by email.

Any abusive or threatening behaviour towards staff of K Squared will not be tolerated. We want to be fair and are open to discussion but this must be conducted in a professional manner.  

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