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K Squared First Aid Training was established by Kathryn Birmingham and Kam Chauhan in August 2020.  With our main location being in Edmonton, Alberta 

For over 16 years, Kam Chauhan has been teaching First Aid, CPR, and BLS in Edmonton, Alberta .  His passion and commitment to high quality instruction has never changed.  The material from one day to the next remains the same, so what is it that keeps Kam enjoying the classroom? The different students from one class to the next, and how uniquely different one group can be from another. 

The Canadian Red Cross is the program that Kam has taught the longest - since April 2006. He is a Red Cross Instructor for courses like Advanced First Aid, Standard First Aid, Emergency First Aid, Child Care First Aid, CPR, CPR-C, BLS, and First Aid Recertification courses.  Kam is also a Red Cross Instructor Trainer (First Aid programs). What does that mean for you? Booking with K Squared puts you at an advantage, as we can tell you with confidence you will participate in a course that covers all materials required, and meets OHS legislative requirements for First Aid training.  Plus, after teaching hundreds of classes, each with a unique group of students  who differ in their level of need, personalities, and learning styles, K Squared can adapt to these factors and facilitate each course to the specific group, if needed. Kam is an Accredited Trainer for the Heart and Stroke program.  Teaching various programs like BLS, BLS Renewal, Standard First Aid, Emergency First Aid, and Heartsaver CPR/AED Level C.


Engaging. Knowledgeable. Personable. Experienced. Invested. Funny. Confident. Always learning. Respectful.

A relaxed but focused learning environment, delivering the highest quality instruction.  That is our commitment to you. The end result - knowledge and skills that you won't forget. Material brought to life and made relevant. A positive experience we almost guarantee you will enjoy. We make it memorable, so you can make a difference.


Because at the end of the day, how well you retain the knowledge and demonstrate the skills could mean the difference between a life saved or lost.  


Or it might just mean you know the how to properly apply a Band-Aid.  Either way, you're making a difference.

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