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1. Kam has over 16 years of teaching experience.


2. OHS-Approved courses


3. Up-To-Date material that exceeds program standards.


4. Reputation for class environment that is engaging, professional, fun, and relaxed making

it easy to listen and learn in.


5. Years of experience means able to adapt to your workplace or site to facilitate a course.


6. Invoicing is available for payment along with Online Payments, Cheque, Cash, e-Transfer and POS 

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Based on your work and needs there are options available for delivery of course material:

1. Traditional In Class - this is the one most familiar and common of in a classroom with an        instructor for all course material.

2. Blended Learning

    a. Online Section - This is self-directed and self-paced with modules to complete. It                      covers the Knowledge (Cognitive) part.

    b. In-Class Section - This section is with the instructor in physical classroom. The majority          of this time is demonstration and evaluation of the skills topics and some knowledge.

3. Virtual Class - some course may have ability to cover the knowledge sections in a virtual         class with the instructor.  

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Every company is unique and that also applies to training sessions.

1. The most common is getting  the whole group of staff that require training to take the         same class at the same time.


2. You could have several staff that require training but cannot all do the training in the               same class.  If its a Public course we have then have some staff come to when the                   courses are offered. Or maybe half the staff do the course at one time and the                           remaining staff at a later date(s).

We will work with you to make sure your staff get the training they require. 

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1. We can come to your location or site to do training.  

    a. In our discussions we will determine if we are able to carry out training at your location      or adapt to the work environment that is available for training.  There are several factors        to consider based on the course required.

    b. The years of teaching experience in numerous workplaces make us confident that we      can adjust to the environment in the majority of courses.

2. We can have you come to us at a location we have set out for course training purposes.

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